Designed by Jeremy Poulter whilst working at PRP Architects

A small prefabricated police post which could be sited on small sites in urban and village locations, it provides both an open and welcoming environment for the public as well as private office accommodation and interview facilities for the police.

Constructed using prefabricated concrete insulated panels and erected over a 2 month period the building is a quick and cost effective solution to the police’s aim of providing a visible and easily accessible service to the public.

Externally the panels can be finished in any manner of cladding material to match the local context. Internally the exposed concrete surfaces provide thermal mass and help to regulate the internal temperature. The roof form provides an open airy environment to the offices which are lit naturally from above.

An external array of Photovoltaic panels which track the sun and are mounted on poles both provide a landmark element and produce power for use within the building.

We are grateful to PRP Architects Ltd for their kind permission to reproduce images of the schemes we worked on whilst working in a project team.