Context, Form, Appearance, Functionality, Accessibility, Affordability, Buildability, Durability, Sustainability. All these issues inform the development of the project at every stage through the design and construction process

1. Location plan Springfield
2. Brief diagram
3. Sketch Plan Park Road
4. Feedback loop
5. Park Road Planning drawing
6. Ullswater yacht club ( with NDA)
7. St Peter's Av Stair detail
8. Site photos St Peter's Avenue
9. High Street completed kitchen

jeremy_poulter in Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK on Houzz
1.SITE. An open plot of land or an existing building. We survey, analyse and assess opportunities and constraints, such as access and views
2.BRIEF We work with you to develop a brief, including understanding your aims for the project and the type and size of spaces you want to achieve.
3. SKETCH. We develop the design through a series of sketch options allowing us to quickly explore the possibilities with you.
4.FEEDBACK. We consult with planners, the community and any other interested parties and feedback their comments into the design.
5. DESIGN The design is developed and we can take the scheme through the planning process.
6. VISUALISE We use Building Information Modelling software and can quickly generate interior and exterior visualisations of the project.
7. DETAIL We produce a fully coordinated and integrated design.A Building Regulations application is submitted and the project is tendered
8.CONSTRUCT We can administer the contract and monitor construction to ensure the project is built to the highest quality
8. COMPLETE The completed project marks the start of your new way of life or work.